Armatree 180116

Used as a link sire having been used in 12 flocks he is in the top 5% for PEMD and top 20% on the BLX index.

Gleneith 200504

A stylish positive muscle and positive fat ram and in the top 5% on the BLX. Including top 5% for maternal weaning weight and greasy fleece weight.

A stylish positive muscle ram ranked in top 20% for BLX

A good carcase ram with a dense medium wool. In the top 20% for both PWT & MWWT

Castle Camps Barney 177357.  An AI son of Inverbrackie 148041 in top 20% on the BLX

Castle Camps Aroura 177318 Trip. An all raised triplet son of Johnos 110083 a positive fat ram in the top 15% for Pwt

2019 Sires Gleneith 170086 (ram on right) another typical Gleneith ram in the top 5% for Mwwt and top 10% on the BLX