Mertex 170593 a well muscled ram with good type and style who’s first progeny look very promising.

Anden 150108, 2019 sire, a low birth weight ram with good type and style that has breed very well for us.

Waratah 160312, 2019 sire, a very well muscled ram in the top 10% for Pwt

Castle Camps A2 177138 , 2019 sire, a low birth weight son of Anden 150108 with good thickness and depth through the back end he is the top 20% for Pwt

Castle Camps Kuzz 2nd 177034, son of Castle Camps Kuzz, a big framed long ram with good White Suffolk type.

Castle Camps Kuzz 155026, 2019 sire, low birth weight ram in top 20% for Pwt.

Ashmore 170526, a 2019 AI Sire, low birth weight ram and in the top 5% for Pemd

Woolumbool 173980, a 2019 AI sire, widely used ram with over 2500 progeny in 50 plus flocks.  This high muscled positive fat ram is in the top 5% on the TCP index