Duenclin Cut Out Purchased as a lamb at the Duenclin dispersal sale.  Typical of the renowned Shaun line he has both good length and thickness.  In top 5% for Mwwt

Castle Camps Barney 177357.  An AI son of Inverbrackie 148041 in top 20% on the BLX

Castle Camps Aroura 177318 Trip. An all raised triplet son of Johnos 110083 a positive fat ram in the top 15% for Pwt

2019 Sires Gleneith 170086 (ram on right) another typical Gleneith ram in the top 5% for Mwwt and top 10% on the BLX

2019 Sires Gleneith 170003 (ram on left) stylish long ram.  Top 20% for both Pwt & BLX

David and Ross Jackson, Jackson Farming, Moyston, with Nev Routley from Driscoll, McIllree & Dickinson (centre), Stawell, who bought the top priced ram for $12,000 on behalf of Will Schilling, Glenlee Park, Gerang Gerung.

2019 AI sires Champion Border Leicester Ram Adelaide 2016

Stylish ram with good length and depth. Good woolled ram with a strong heavy lock. Ellingerrin is pictured in the foreground on the left with Gleneith behind.