A stylish positive muscle ram ranked in top 20% for BLX

AI Ram for 2021. Champion Ram Royal Adelaide Border Leicester Feature show 2018. Sold for $10,000 to Wattle Farm stud Temora and Mc Combie stud Ashburton NZ

AI Ram for 2021. High index ram in top 5% on BLX. Top 5% for PWT & NLW and top 10% for PEMD

AI Ram 2020. Champion Border Leicester Ram NSW sheep show 2019. No Lambplan history.

AI Ram 2020. Used as link ram within the Superborder group. In top 5% for post weaning weight.

A good carcase ram with a dense medium wool. In the top 20% for both PWT & MWWT

Champion ram at the 2019 Dubbo Border Leicester Show & Sale. A stylish ram with a good balance of figures.

AI son of Inverbrackie 16 1041 out of a top breeding ewe family. In the top 20% in both PWT & PEMD

AI son of Retallack Earthquake. A long ram with good bone and in the top 20% for Greasy Fleece Weight.

Castle Camps Barney 177357.  An AI son of Inverbrackie 148041 in top 20% on the BLX

Castle Camps Aroura 177318 Trip. An all raised triplet son of Johnos 110083 a positive fat ram in the top 15% for Pwt

2019 Sires Gleneith 170086 (ram on right) another typical Gleneith ram in the top 5% for Mwwt and top 10% on the BLX

2019 Sires Gleneith 170003 (ram on left) stylish long ram.  Top 20% for both Pwt & BLX