AI Sire for 2017.  Progeny showing excellent weaning weights

Purchased as a lamb at the Duenclin dispersal sale.  Typical of the renowned Shaun line he has both good length and thickness.

5280 is the ram at the front.  Stylish ram with good length and depth.  Good woolled ram with a strong heavy lock.

Medium woolled ram with a thick heavy lock

Top 5% Maternal weaning weight

2017 A I Sire.  High index ram that has been used in 14 studs.  Ranked number 1 in number of lambs weaned.

Champion Border Leicester Ram and Supreme All Breeds ram Melbourne Royal  2014

Purchased in partnership with Wattle Farm and Coolawang studs for $10000

Semen available

High index ram with good length and type

AI son of Coolawang 3/2010.  3/10 was sold for $6000 at Horsham Show and Sale